Merav IsraelI am interested in movement, nature, connection.

My work moves from embodied and relational experiences to choreography in the wider sense using different mediums as they emerge and present themselves in the process.

I am interested in process, the learning and expansion that can happen in explorations and collaborations. How we respond to and relate to nature, objects, each other, sound, text, texture, form… and ways to sequence materials into composition.

I see creative work as creating forms for engagement and explorations. Each project has its offering.

Short bio

I studied dance and movement in Israel since 1993 and still learning today: movement research, notation, improvisation, with keen interest in post modern arts.

The somatic and embodied approach to dance, performance, life, and well being has been a constant thread.

I have been living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland since 2002. I was the artistic director and choreographer of LaNua 2006-2016. I offered contact improvisation classes and jams, and improvisation workshops. I’ve trained in and performed Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam) with Dance Ihayami (2003-2013). I’ve worked with, in and around Dance Base for all these years.

In dance classes I offer to work with perception and awareness, and somatic methods, to develop dance-ability and improvisational skills.

I am an accredited Feldenkrais practitioner since 2012 from ITC (UK).

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